Collection: Pre-Order “Open to Order”

All items are pre-order (not ordered yet), the estimated turn around time will be in the description of the item, along with the preorder close date. Please take note that this is an estimate TO THE VENDOR; then they ship to us! We ship/fulfill preorders as soon as they come in to us. Thank you

When these pre-orders close, they will be moved to the PREORDER (in production) album until they arrive to us. 

**Do not mix pre orders with in stock items if you need the order shipped, order will be held until pre order items come in. thank you

ZERO DOWN: Contact Linz for a ZERO DOWN CODE. (Email, text line) Pay zero down now and pay for the item when it comes out of production! You are committing to purchasing this item when payment is due. Failure to pay will result in not being able to use zero down code in the future. Email: or text line 507-923-3937. 

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