Waist Trainer (removable thighs)
Waist Trainer (removable thighs)

Waist Trainer (removable thighs)

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Heat retention will help tone and firm your thighs and waist. The Thigh & Waist Trimmer is comfortable, stretchy, soft and lightweight.


Lindsey is wearing the L/XL 

It Features:
* Powerful sticker provides stronger adhesion;
* High waist can flatter your tummy and waist;
* Neoprene embossed design makes you sweat more and non-slip;
* Curved design can better fit the hip curve, making your movement more freely;
* Reduces the appearance of cellulite;
* Trims appearance of thighs;
* Helps shed excess water weight;
* Keeps muscles warm;
* Great for working out;
* Tone your thighs while losing inches;
* Lifts Butt;
* Three fasten Velcro straps and a waist belt;
* Adjust straps for snug fit;
* Very comfortable for bed time or just lounging around the house;
* Spot train your thighs;
* Machine wash and lay flat to dry.

Use Your fitness kit When:
- Cycling
- Running
- Using the Elliptical In the Sauna
- Rowing
- Training
+ More

How to Wash

- Using a wet cloth and soap, wipe down inner lining several times. Rinse off soap using lukewarm water and dry.
- DO NOT wash this fitness kit in your washing machine as it may stretch or damage the fabric.
- DO NOT machine dry or iron Thigh Trimmers, as it may melt the fabric and weaken the neoprene.