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Fidget Spinner Popper Ball

Fidget Spinner Popper Ball

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Can you get them all popped at once?!   Certainly a challenge to depress all the bubbles...they like to POP!  See who can get the most in 1 minute, then POP them all back out with a squeeze for a satisfying sound!  Built-In Fidget-Spinner bearings, these balls add another level of fun fidgeting!  And to top it off, when spinning, super-bright LED lights flash inside for incredible in-the-dark fun for hours on end!  Perfect for trips in the car, waiting in lines, and in any place where busy fingers are needed! Poke in all of the popits, and then see how quickly you can return them with a quick squeeze! How fast can you spin it?  And mesmerizing Lights!

  • Excellent Fidget toy to keep hands active, to de-stress, and to unwind
  • Easy to press and manipulate
  • Perfect for children, adults, and our elderly!
  • Makes a perfect gift and Travel-toy!

Size: 3.2"
Weight: 5oz