Carroll’s Corn (options)
Carroll’s Corn (options)
Carroll’s Corn (options)

Carroll’s Corn (options)

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Carroll’s Corn gourmet popcorn 

The most popular flavor is, the triple mix gourmet popcorn gives you a taste of our caramel, cheese, and regular popcorn.

The cheddar popcorn is made starting with the base of our regular butter corn, with sharp and cheddar cheese covered to make it the ultimate cheesy goodness.

Our cheese popcorn is often described as: 

"Cheddarly delightful, heavenly, just the right amount of cheese, oh so cheesy and crisp, even the biggest Packer cheddar head would love."

Perfect for snacking, this gourmet popcorn is a treat!

It's been argued as one of the best caramel corns in the world. Don't believe us? Try it for yourself.

Our caramel corn is often described as: 

"Buttery sweet goodness, melt in your mouth, A perfect blend of sweet and salty that always leaves you wanting more!"


If you've never had Carroll's Corn before, we suggest you start here!